To provide an option that allows searching for users, you can create a class that implements UserContactsInterface.php from the package and define the getUserContacts function.

The return type of the getUserContacts function should be a string containing a JSON representation of an array of objects. Each object denoting a user must have an "email" attribute as shown below:

{ email: '', ... },
{ email: '', ... },
{ email: '', ... }

For example, you can create a class called SendUserContacts which implements UserContactsInterface and performs an operation to get users in the getUserContacts function:

namespace App\Repository;
use App\Models\User;
use Geekyants\Sharedo\Interfaces\UserContactsInerface;
class SendUserContacts implements UserContactsInerface
public function getUserContacts($query)
$users = Some operation to get users
$users = json_encode($users); //convert users array to json string
return $users;

In sharedo.config file set the "typehead" key to the SendUserContacts class path:

"typehead" => "App\Repository\SendUserContacts"